Health & Safety
& The Environment

Health & Safety
& The Environment

Our Health & Safety Vision: “We will have a safe and sustainable workplace that protects our team and our clients every single day”

and Safety

At Gavin Lowe Energy, we take our Health and Safety commitments seriously and operate our business in accordance with not only the latest health and safety legal requirements, but also our vision.

We carry out regular self and drop in audits of our processes and practices on site, and come together to discuss these as a team every month or more often as required. Our health and safety culture is very open and supportive, and at no time would any business or operational objective take priority over carrying out our work in a safe manner.

All of our employees carrying out your work will be suitably trained and qualified tradespersons, with completed relevant safety training, and Police vetting. They are also provided with all appropriate fit for purpose tools and PPE equipment. All of our employees are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

We are a Covid-19 essential service

During the Covid-19 Pandemic period, we are confirmed as an essential service, and we will continue to operate during all Alert Levels and Protection Framework Settings. All of our team are trained to follow our very specific procedures around working at the various levels and settings, and are provided with the necessary PPE. These procedures are clearly communicated to our clients well in advance as required.

Our Environmental Vision:
“We will constantly seek to find a way to minimise our impact on our environment by both promoting the most energy efficient options in our field and by conserving energy and reducing our waste.”

The Environment

Our environmental sustainability policy has been integrated into our health & safety practices, so that it becomes very much just an everyday part of what we do.


  • Integrate our company practices with our commitment to reduce our environmental impact.
  • Educate and encourage our employees, suppliers, businesses, individuals and associations on our industry’s technical options available towards reducing environmental impact.
  • Support an environmentally sustainable community, including social sustainability, through leadership and practice.

Energy Efficiency Practices

  • The most energy efficient air conditioning, ventilation, solar and electrical options available to the market are demonstrated and/or displayed in our showroom.
  • The most energy efficient equipment is always promoted in all our design build and quotation processes to our customers.
  • An extensive solar power array has been installed and utilised on our own premises to both demonstrate this technology and substantially reduce our own energy consumption from the power grid.
  • We encourage all of our clients to regularly maintain their systems, particularly regular cleaning of filters to ensure maximum energy efficiency and life expectancy of all equipment.
  • Discharged refrigerant gas into the atmosphere presents one of the greatest detrimental impacts on our environment.  In the field all replaced air conditioning systems we are handling will have their refrigerant content removed and captured rather than discharging this substance illegally into the atmosphere. It is then subsequently disposed of appropriately and legally with zero emissions.

Waste Reduction Practices

  • All packaging is sorted into cardboard, polystyrene and general waste. Cardboard and polystyrene are recycled by our waste contractor.
  • Equipment waste is sorted into metal and plastics. The metal is recycled by our recycler contractor.
  • All office waste is sorted into recyclable items and general waste and collected and disposed or recycled accordingly.
  • Any unused materials are always repurposed rather than disposed of.